6.5 Product Specification

SBW666 Passed UL Tests
Consumer safety is Xprit's top priority, so the UL certified safe SBW666 has undergone and passed rigorous electrical and safety tests. UL2272 also means the safety of the battery. You can ride the hoverboard with safety in mind. 

Swag to the Max

Drag the swag limits and step on the personal transporter electric scooter of the brand new SBW666 with the aid of Bluetooth speakers.

It's pretty easy to ride the double wheel self-balance scooter. It's as easy as a start, steer and stop. To ride, simply step on the non-slip foot pedals to activate the powerful dual motors and the sensors. You'll find it easy to control your speed and wherever you go through dynamic equilibrium. Likewise checking the internal systems and battery is quite simple; simply look down at the integrated LED lights.

The self-balancing scooter has all the tools needed for daring adventures, and at the same time, the tools ensure even rides and ample traction. It's ultra-sturdy and lightweight allowing you to make several turns to the park, splash through muddy puddles and drive through city lines.

You are guaranteed unlimited adventure and fun with the electronic scooter of the SBW666.

This 6.5" Hoverboard specs:

Tire Size    6.5"
Product Weight   19LB
Voltage 36V | 4.4 Ah
Motor Power  250w x 2
Max Speed  6MPH
Battery Type 4400MAH Li-ion cells
Battery Time Per Charge 45-75 Minutes
Weight Capacity 165LBs
Charging Time 2-3 Hours
Max Climbing Angle 5 degree