Brand Story


Established in 2018, Founder of XPRIT-Cardi Liang has formed an energetic & creative team mostly consisting of Millennials, a generation which is gaining loads of experience in business while also maintaining a high desire to explore and create.

Starting with the hoverboard business at the beginning of operation, XPRIT has gained huge success in the industry. In the meantime, we never stopped our exploration to go deeper into the E-Mobility industry. We have never doubted the insight that we’ve been holding since day 1, that E-Mobility will and is becoming the future of urban transportation. 

The Transformation

Even with the success in our hoverboard business, we know that we need to do more to maximize the joy you deserve while blending it into a lifestyle you love.

Hoverboards undoubtedly bring us countless fun times; However, we have been looking to offer another e-mobility product that will continue to serve joy but at the same time to bring conveniences to your daily life.

We want you to enjoy your commute to work and school rather than stuck in traffic daily. We want you to enjoy your road trips rather than sitting in your car for hours. We want you to enjoy your workout time with beautiful scenery on the roads.

And we know electric bikes are the product we have been looking for. 

The Solution

When you think of Greater Los Angeles, what is the first thing that comes to mind? We all love the sunshine, beaches, great foods, culture, and people in this friendly and cozy town that we call home.

From mountains to sea, from urban to rural, these are one of many famous characteristics of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

We are excited to announce electric bikes in four series, and we believe you will find one that best fits your lifestyle.

Urban Basic series – Features convenience and easy storage for commuters.

Beach Recreation series – Features stylish design, it is the best for spending time with loved ones at beaches.

Adventure Series – Features the best durability tires and long-distance suspension system.

Shuttle Series – Features the capability to carry or deliver items from grocery shopping trips to delivery services.