Quality Control

Detail-Oriented Production


Utilized Supplier System

Components are everything when it comes to manufacturing a bike. Through years of utilization, we have built up a Quality-Assured supply system consisting of reputable suppliers in the industry. And the utilization process is never stopping.


Control from the start

Our QC process starts from the moment we receive the parts and components. While Essential parts are subject to full inspection and 0% defect. Other non-essential parts like screws, strokes, etc. will be subject to sampling inspection, and only a 1% defect allowance.


The 1-on-1 Process

One bike by One Well-Trained, Well-Paid Mechanic. Not the Streamline process where bikes are assembled by ten different inexperienced workers.

One Part to One ID. All the essential components come with unique identification numbers.


35 Points Inspection

Up to 35 points inspection to cover almost all aspects of the bike before it is packed in the box.


A Track for Simulation

Yes. We built a track. Just to test ride every single bike coming out of the facility and simulate possible real-world riding conditions.


Full-cover Package

The packages for each of our models are individually customized to provide full coverage and the best possible protection to the bikes. Even better, the packages are 98% recyclable and biodegradable.