XPRIT X1 8" Wheel Hoverboard


Make your hoverboard riding experience fun with our latest model, the X1 8” Hoverboard which features music capability and energy saving battery for hours of riding. This self-balance scooter will not only save energy but also offer you a smooth and enjoyable riding experience with the aid of the sturdy 8” rubber tires. The eye-catching LED lights and the integrated Bluetooth speaker add to the benefits of using this hoverboard. In addition, the modern design and the latest built in technology makes this hoverboard unique.

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Experience the X1 8” Hoverboard

• Step into the action with the X1 Self Balance Hoverboard and jam to your favorite tunes with Bluetooth Speaker connectivity.
• The latest auto balance technology is here and it delivers an impressive smooth ride for your casual or daring street adventures.
• Easily carry with you and ride in style with the latest modern design that features bright LED Lights, solid diamond shaped hubcaps and an ultra-durable shiny casing.

Any Level Experience Rider

• Beginner riders can easily learn in minutes with the help of the large foot pad space and built in sensors for better balancing.
• Move freely worry less due to less sensitive and non-shaking sensor technology.
• All riders can enjoy fun rides of up to 7 mph in rough street areas.


• Integrated auto balance function gives a stable aid as soon as stepping on the board.
• It allows for a consistent balance in long lasting adventures.
• Large Non-skid 8” rubber wheels provide a secure ride on uneven roads you may bump into on your outdoor adventures.

Ride anytime safely during night or day with vibrant LED Lights that blink when you turn, go forward or reverse.

Ride in style with the latest modern sleek design which features 3 different colors and 8” wheel diamond shaped hubcaps.

Pair up your phone and add rhythm to your ride with the built in Bluetooth Speaker that delivers superior crisp sound.

X1-T8 hoverboard Compared with other hoverboard

motor power: 2 X 350W
lithium battery:36V, 4.0AH 

• Strong Motor power for inclined surfaces to keep moving forward without any setbacks.
• Ride the hoverboard for a long-lasting time with the help of the powerful lithium battery of 36V, 4.0AH which lasts 3-4 hours or up to 8.4 miles.


• Move skilfully with the assistance of the built in gyroscope sensors that gives steady maneuverability for a smooth ride.
• Features slip-resistant rubber foot pads for better stability.

Hoverboard related knowledge base

Hoverboard can not get balanced
Hoverboard can not hold the hold the charge
Bluetooth Connection

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