XPRIT Turtle Series Hoverboard Black, 6.5"
XPRIT Turtle Series Hoverboard Black, 6.5" XPRIT Turtle Series Hoverboard Black, 6.5" XPRIT Turtle Series Hoverboard Black, 6.5" XPRIT Turtle Series Hoverboard Black, 6.5" XPRIT Turtle Series Hoverboard Black, 6.5" XPRIT Turtle Series Hoverboard Black, 6.5"
  • Dual 250 Watt Motors with the max speed of 10 mph
  • Charging time 2-3 hours and last 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Max Weight is 220 lbs
  • Bluetooth speaker compatibles for both Android and IOS
  • UL 2272 Certified

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Pragnesh P.
Canada Canada

My Child play with hover board very well.

Canada Canada
Classic Hover board at MAX weight.

I've never ridden a hover board before buying this one. I weight in at 96 Kg which is almost Max weight for this board. Took about 15 minutes of balance practice to be able to ride hands free (not grabbing something). One thing I noticed about being a Max weight compared to a lighter person is that the motors seem to have to work harder to keep balance. Reaction time of the board when change direction forward or back seems to be slow compared to a lighter person. Might just be me but I'm guessing to push more weight every thing has to work harder which would lead to the slower reaction time. Overall this is a great board, easy and fun to ride once you get your balance figured out. Would recommend maybe trying the 8.5" wheel version, maybe bigger wheels will help.

Canada Canada
XPRIT Classic, your body weight matters (effects center of gravity).

Ok... I'm weigh in at 96 kg, 210 lbs, which is almost the MAX this hover board can handle. The hover board arrive in great condition, no shipping damage. It's was packaged in molded styrofoam in a box which was then packaged inside a slightly bigger heavy card board box. After opening the boxes I plugged it in to charge it up which took 1.5 hrs to fully charge. I have never tried a hover board before, so I found a spot that I could grab on to things while I got use to balancing on this thing. I took about 15 minutes before I could ride it without grabbing on to something. Yes.... I almost fell once during that learning period, but the reason for that was from just getting to over confident in my ability. Being that I am on the heavy side for this unit... it or I react way to fast which would cause me to have to jump off of the thing. After a while I figured out to take it real easy and just work on my balance. Now after a couple of hours of riding, I can just jump on it and ride around like it's second nature, only a real sharp turn or a extremely quick change in direction (front/back) will get me off balance. Again being on the heavy side for this board it seems to react a little quicker than that of a lighter person. I would guess that most of the wipe out videos on YouTube are caused by people being to heavy for the max rating of that hover board. Hope this helps anyone looking to get one of these things. They are fun once you learn how to ride them.